Matthew Rothenberg About

Matthew Rothenberg is an independent artist and hacker who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

He has spent the entirety of his career—across academia, industry, and art—exploring the intersection of culture and technology.

His graduate work at New York University and UC Berkeley focused on the history and emerging trends of how people use technology in social interactions. Following that he spent a decade in tech startups, including leading product for the popular photo-sharing community Flickr.

His current work as an independent artist repurposes emerging technologies from the tech industry, which he employs to capture and recontextualize social media sources into new experiences. His work asserts that by mining the cultural debris of network communication we can gain powerful insight into the zeitgeist of the public sphere.

Democratization of access is an important theme across Rothenberg’s work—and all code he writes is released as free open-source software.

Rothenberg is a dual-citizen of the USA and Germany.